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Считыватели чипов HDX, компании ALLFLEX
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Считыватели чипов HDX, компании ALLFLEX

Allflex Panel ReadersPNL 4060-3 Есть в наличии

Though ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 are the dominant standards for RFID in
animals, there are other manufacturers who c
hoose not to follow the standards and opt for
an active system. TekVet, a company based in
Florida has developed a system of active
tags that can not only track the animals in
real time, but also
monitor each animal’s
The TekVet TekSensor tag utilizes an ac
tive RFID system whic
h gives it a battery
attached to the tag. The frequency used is
418 MHz, which puts it at UHF. Each tag has
a sensor that monitors the temperature and th
en relays the information back to the data
center. TekVet uses TekReceivers which ha
ve a read range of
300 to 500 feet and are
best used when placed at en elevated positi
on overlooking the livestock. They can be
solar powered as well. The readers can
transmit data with cellular WAN network,
satellite, DSL or microwave